Gumshuda Qaafley ("The Lost Caravans")

             Sharīf Husain (Urdu: شریف حسین), who used the pseudonym Nasīm Hijāzī (Urdu: نسیم حجازی, commonly transliterated asNaseem Hijazi, or Nasim Hijazi) (c. 1914- March 1996) was an Urdu writer. He was born at the village of Sujaanpur near town Dhariwal, district Gurdaspur, Punjab, before the independence of Pakistan and settled in Lahore in 1947. He lived most of his life in Pakistan and died in March 1996.
Click here to download Gumshuda Qaafley ("The Lost Caravans") .                    Please note that you will have to have PDF Reader to read the novel after having it downloaded.
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