Kaleesa Aur Aag ("Church and Fire")

Kaleesa Aur Aag (English: The Church and Fire) (Urdu: کلیسا اور آگ) is a fabulous and beautifulUrdu historic novel written by Sharīf Husain (Urdu: شریف حسین)-who used the pseudonym-Naseem Hijazi(Urdu: نسیم حجازی) the well known and legendary Urdu historicnovel writer, who is better known forhis novels, like Muhammad Bin Qasim(Urdu: محمد بن قاسم), Dastaan-E-Mujahid (Urdu: داستانِ مجاھد),Andheri Raat Ke Musafir (Urdu:اندھیری رات کے مسافر) and Shaheen (Urdu: شاھین), based on the History that shows both the rise and fall of Muslim Empires.
This novel is about the fall of Muslim Spain and aftershocks of that defeat. Naseem Hejazi-in this novel- has painfully, yet truthfully, depicted the infamous Spanish Inquisition that began by targeting the Spanish Jews and ended also with the conversion or expulsion of the Moriscos or crypto-Muslims outwardly converted to Christianity

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