Dastaan-E-Mujahid ( The Tale of Holy Fighter)

Dastaan-E-Mujahid (English: The Tale of Holy Fighter) (Urdu: داستانِ مجاھد) is a fabulous and beautiful Urdu historic novel written by Sharīf Husain (Urdu: شریف حسین)-who used the pseudonym-Naseem Hijazi (Urdu: نسیم حجازی) the well known and legendary Urdu historic novel writer, who is better known for his novels, likeMuhammad Bin Qasim (Urdu: محمد بن قاسم),Dastaan-E-Mujahid (Urdu: داستانِ مجاھد), Andheri Raat Ke Musafir (Urdu: اندھیری رات کے مسافر) andShaheen (Urdu: شاھین), based on the History that shows both the rise and fall of Muslim Empires.

This novel is about the historical and conquest that expanded Muslim Empire in the era of Umayyad Caliphate (Urdu: خلافت بنو امیہ) (Arabic: الخلافة الأموية) The novel is quite interesting and one feels he is back in that golden era of Islam.

Click here to download Dastaan-I-Mujahid. Please note that you will have to have PDF Reader to read the novel after having it downloaded.

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